Historically it has required only3.5% of the population to be vigilant enough to create a revolution.

The first American Revolution took fewer than 3.5% of its citizens to get ticked off enough at King George to separate the colonies from English rule. The rest of the 96.5% of the population did not want to get involved even though many had complaints.

That 3.5% of vigilant people that care and are willing to get involved serves as the fuse that gets a great number of the apathetic 96.5% motivated to join the cause of a revolution. Those revolutions are not necessarily always beneficial because they are not guaranteed to lead to better governments and better economies. A slow transition from a bad government and poor economic policy to better government with wealth building economic policies through non-violent political process is to be preferred. Such a more velvet revolution requires vigilant citizens as well.

What kind of vigilance is needed to turn the United States away from corrupt governments at all levels of jurisdiction that are in the service of all special interests and get paid through the lobbyists that are in the employ of the special interests? The vigilance we need is to create education for the generally uninformed public to learn how the corrupt 0.01% of the top income people buy the services of elected officials at all lervels of government and how to prevent that from happening.

Basic economic principles must be learned and implemented. Following is some education on some of the basics of politics and economics: